LeComptes of Castle Haven

Philip I. LeCompte Family Bible

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Bible of Philip I. LeCompte & Susan B. Hubbard

Bible Lost Then Found

The Family Bible of Philip I. LeCompte was found by Dave Miller in the back of an antique store in Trappe, Talbot County, Maryland in early 2001. Mr. Miller purchased the old book and transcribed some of the information therein.

Dennis Stanley tells us how he later "purchased this Bible at a used book store on Maryland's Eastern Shore. It was a large brown book with a failing spine sitting on the bottom shelf of a dusty bookcase." Dennis scanned and posted the contents at his web site for others to see. According to Dennis, the Bible is now in the library of John Reeder, a LeCompte researcher more closely related to Philip.

At least one descendant of Philip tell us this particular Bible came from the home of Dorothy (Richardson) Wheatley Fuchs ("Aunt Dot"), who passed away in 1998. She was the sister of boatbuilder Jim Richardson and lived along Castle Haven Neck. Dot & Jim were grandchildren of Philip, through Philip's daughter Selena Warren "Lena" LeCompte.

Scanned Records

These images, along with textual comments, were previously hosted at Dennis Stanley's lecompte.horsethieves.com.

Scanned Bible Page Pages from Family Bible of
Philip I. LeCompte & Susan B. Hubbard

Marriages - Scan 1
Births - Scan 2
Births - Scan 3
Deaths - Scan 4
Deaths - Scan 5
Deaths - Scan 6
Births - Scan 7 (Hubbard)
Obit - Scan 8 (Matilda Brattan)