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Hugh LeCompte Family Bible

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"LeComptes of Castle Haven."
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Bible of Hugh LeCompte &
Leah Breerwood (circa 1800)

Events Transcribed, Pages Scanned
with Research Notes by Kirkwood A. LeCompte (June 2003)

The transcription and scanning of these handwritten Family Record Sheets was done by Kirkwood A. LeCompte, first cousin of Pettus LeCompte, caretaker of the Hugh LeCompte Family Bible. Each entry transcribed below has a link to the actual scanned page as well as an indicator for one of the many different handwriting styles identified in this compilation. It is assumed that the oldest handwriting belongs to Leah Breerwood LeCompte (Bef.1797-1834) and the 2nd oldest to her husband Hugh LeCompte (1789-1847); however, none of the handwriting has been verified.

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Handwriting Style Index

1 - Leah Breerwood LeCompte
2 - HughLeCompte
3, 4, 5, 6 - Unknown
7 - Eveleene Foxwell LeCompte
8 - Benjamin Berry LeCompte
9 - Isabel Collie LeCompte
A - Unknown

The assigned author for each style is speculation, yet to be confirmed.

Transcription: Births | Marriages | Deaths | Obits
Births Image Style
Mary Lecompte, daughter of Moses & Elizabeth Lecompte, was born, December 23. 1782. 1F 1
Mahala, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Lecompte, was born, May 19. 1785. 1F 1
Moses Lecompte, son of Moses & Elizabeth Lecompte, was born, April 26. 1788. 1F 1
Hugh Lecompte, son of Moses and Elizabeth Lecompte, was born, November 3. 1789. 1F 1
Francis Asbury Lecompte, son of Hugh and Leah Lecompte, was born, April 27. 1833. 1F 1
of the children of William & Mary Wrightson. 2F 2
Thomas Wrightson was born, May 16. 1804 2F 2
Susan Wrightson was born, Mar. 12. 1806 2F 2
John L. Wrightson was born, Jan. 16. 1808 2F 2
Wm. Wrightson was born, Nov. 21. 1810 2F 2
Mary Wrightson was born, June 4. 1812 2F 2
James Wrightson was born, June 11. 1815 2F 2
Joshua Wrightson was born, June 7. 1820 2F 2
Robert Wrightson was born, Dec. 1. 1821 2F 2
of the children of Moses LeCompte and Mary his wife. 2F 2
Eliza Ann LeCompte was born June 4. 1816 2F 2
Thomas LeCompte was born Dec. 15. 1817 2F 2
Solomon LeCompte was born Jany 16. 1821 2F 2
Stephen LeCompte was born April 14. 1828 2F 2
Deborah LeCompte was born July 11. 1833 2F 2
The surname and parentage of the following individuals is not given. Could they have been slaves?
Ann daughter of Rachel was born Nov. 15. 1814 2F 2
The following insert is in a different handwriting style and ink, seems to refer to entry above:
+ died June 1851
2F A
George, son of Rachel was born Mar. 4. 1818 2F 2
The following insert is in a different handwriting style and ink, unclear whether it refers to entry above or below:
2F A
Leah, daughter of Rachel was born Sept. 12. 1819 2F 2
William, son of Rachel was born Jan. 25. 1823 2F 2
Robert son of Rose was born July 10. 1835 2F 2
Abraham son of Ann was born Nov. 25. 1837 2F 2
Charles son of Ann was born Sept. 12. 1839 2F 2
John the son of Ann was born 15 October 1841 2F 3
Mandy the dorter of Ann was born April the 18 1843 2F 3
Henry son of Ann was born March the 10 1846 2F 3
Rachel daughter of Ann was born April 3rd 1849
??????and William Wingate
2F 5
Research Note: Children of Ann above are presumably grandchildren of Rachel, but unclear. Surname of these children and mothers is currently unknown. Reference to William Wingate is a mystery; however, I did locate an 1850 slave record in Dorchester County for a William Wingate that matches the age and gender of Ann and her 4 youngest children. There were no names recorded though. 1F 7
Katie Beacham LeCompte daughter of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born March 15. 1859. 1F 7
Mary Bell LeCompte daughter of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born April 9. 1860. 1F 7
Frank Layton Foxwell LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born Oct 24. 1861 1F 7
Willie Breerwood LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born May 24th 1863. 1F 7
Eliza daughter of Eveleene B. and Francis A. LeCompte was born Oct 18th 1865. 1F 7
Anna Evans LeCompte, daughter of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born, May 18th 1868 2F 7
<the following insert is in a different handwriting style and ink, refers to Anna above>
Died Jan. 28, 1946
2F 8
Emma LeCompte daughter of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born April 13th 1870. 2F 7
Rose and Hugh LeCompte children of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born February 18th 1871. 3F 7
Harry LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born August 1st 1872. 3F 7
James LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born August 29th 1873. 3F 7
Edwin Lee LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born October 18th 1874. 3F 7
Edgar Wrightson LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born November 16th 1875. 3F 7
<the following insert is in a different handwriting style and ink, refers to Edgar above>
Died - April 8, 1946
619 N. Lakewood Avenue
Baltimore, Md.
3F 8
Winfield Monroe LeCompte son of Francis A. and Eveleene B. LeCompte was born August 3rd 1878. 3F 7
Marriages Image Style
Hugh LeCompte and Leah Breerwood were married June 23, 1832. by the Revd John Bell. 1B 1
Hugh LeCompte and Sarah Wingate were married, February 16, 1813. by the Rev. Jas. Ridgaway. 1B 2
Francis A. LeCompte and Eveleene B. Foxwell were married May 20, 1858 by the Revd W. A. Lwively 1B 7
Edwin Lee LeCompte and Delia Augusta Sherman were married December 27, 1897 by the Reverend Charles W. Cain. 1B 9
Deaths Image Style
Sarah LeCompte, wife of Hugh LeCompte departed this life, September 27. 1831. 2B 2
Leah LeCompte, wife of Hugh LeCompte, departed this life July 12. 1834. 2B 2
<Research Note: All references to Hugh are Hugh son of Moses Sr.>    
Wm Wrightson Senr. departed this life August 20, 1821.
<Research Note: Presumably this is William, husband of Mary LeCompte>
2B 2
Moses LeCompte departed this life May 29. 1837.
<Moses is brother of Hugh>
2B 2
Hugh LeCompte departed this life july 31, 1847 2B 4
Mrs. Mary Wrightson died 13th day of July 1851.
<Mary is sister of Hugh>
2B 6
<Research Note: The following seven entries are children of Francis A. & Eveleene B. Foxwell LeCompte>    
Mary Belle LeCompte 2B 7
Emma LeCompte died 25th day of June 1870. 2B 7
Rose LeCompte died February 19th 1871. 2B 7
Hugh LeCompte died June 8th 1871. 2B 7
Harry LeCompte died August 20th 1872. 2B 7
Eliza LeCompte died August 2nd 1873. 2B 7
James LeCompte died October 8th 1873 2B 7
Francis A. LeCompte Died April 15th 1912
<Francis is son of Hugh>
2B 7
Anna LeCompte Fountain Died Jan 25, 1946
<Anna is daughter of Francis A. LeCompte>
2B 8
Delia Augusta Sherman LeCompte, wife of Edwin Lee LeCompte died July 29, 1944.
<Edwin is son of Francis A. LeCompte>
2B 9
Obituary Clippings Image Date
Noah J. Foxwell, (abt 1806-1900)

Noah J. Foxwell, 1900
Deaths in Talbot County.
[Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun]
EASTON, MD., Jan. 12. Noah J. Foxwell, aged ninety-three years, died of paralysis at his residence in Oxford. He was a native of Dorchester county, where he has surviving relatives of the third and fourth generation. He carried on shipbuilding business in Dorchester the earlier part of his life. He removed to Talbot about thirty years ago, bought land and went to farming. Several years ago he quite active business and moved to Oxford.

4F 1900
Frances Adelaide Mason Foxwell (Mrs. Charles L., Jr.), (1840-1892)

FOXWELL. - Frances Adelaide Mason Foxwell, born December 29, 1840, died March 27, 1892, fourth daughter of Richard and Mary A. W. Mason, of Baltimore, Md., wife of Captain Charles Foxwell, Services March 29, Tuesday, eight P. M., No. 80 West 87th st. Interment Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md., from her sister's house, No. 1,610 McCulloch st., Mrs. John Henderson. Baltimore Sun. please copy.

<handwritten annotation reads:>
"3 oclock Wednesday"

4F 1892
Mary Watson Hunter (Mrs. John F.), undated, family relationship, if any, unknown.

HUNTER - On November 18, of bronchial pneumonia, MARY WATSON, wife of John F. Hunter. Her funeral will take place from her late residence, No. 3 North Broadway, at 8.40 A. M. on Friday, November 21. Requiem Mass at St. Patrick's Church at 9 A. M. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. Kindly omit flowers.

Dr. Thomas B. Evans, (1832-1891) was a nephew of Eliza Greves (Evans) Foxwell and first cousin of Eveleene (Foxwell) LeCompte. The following clippings are all undated, source unknown, but must be 1891 given content of clipping. (Thanks to Don McBride for confirming relationship to LeCompte family).

EVANS. - On October 30, Dr. THOMAS B. EVANS, aged 58 years. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to the funeral services, at the First Independent Christ Church, corner of Charles and Franklin streets, on Sunday afternoon, November 1, at three o'clock.

The Late Dr. Thomas B. Evans. - The funeral of Dr. Thomas B. Evans, dean of the Baltimore University School of Medicine, took place yesterday afternoon from the First Independent Christ's Church, corner of Charles and Franklin streets. Rev. Charles R. Weid, assisted by Rev. Louis F. Zinkhan, conducted services. The honorary pall-bearers were Drs. John Morris, N. R. Gorter, George H. Rohe, Louis Horn and William H. Welch, Postmaster W. W. Johnson, Messrs. John F. Hunter and William G. Daugherty. Those who served as active bearers were Drs. R. W. Mansfield, J. Edwin Michael, H. H. Biedler, J. W. Chambers, William A. B. Sellman, E. Miller Reid, Herbert Harian and D. W. Cathell. The body was buried in Greenmount. Members of the faculty and a number of students of Baltimore University School of Medicine were present at the funeral. Some of the medical men in attendance were Health Commissioner McShane, Drs. W. Chew Van Bibber, J. H. Scarff, Wilmer Brinton, William F. A. Kemp, Charles M. Morfit, G. Lane Taneybill, C. H. Jones, William F. A. Kemp, James E. Whiteford, M. Billingslea, David Streett and William Whitridge.

The Death of Dr. Thomas B. Evans. - Prof. Thomas B. Evans, M. D., a prominent East Baltimore physician and dean of the Baltimore University of Medicine, died at his home, 121 Jackson Place, at quarter past twelve o'clock this morning. Death resulted from a complication of diseases. About two weeks ago a carbuncle formed on the back of his neck and developed rapidly. A week later other ailments appeared which confined Dr. Evans to his bed. From that time there was no hope of his recovery. Dr. Evans was nearly fifty-nine years of age, having been born November 5, 1832, in Baltimore. He was the eldest son of the late Rev. David Evans, one of the early preachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, who died about a year ago. After graduating from the Baltimore Academy in 1849, Dr. Evans entered a drug store where he acquired a knowledge of medicine and pharmacy. The occupation also enabled him to save enough money to take a course of lectures in a school of medicine. In the fall of 1850 he entered the Washington University, where he took his degree of M. D. in 1853. Dr. Evans had a large practice. He was a member of the Maryland Academy of Sciences, the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, the Baltimore Medical Association, the Medical and Surgical Society, the Academy of Medicine of Baltimore, and of the American Medical Association. He took an active interest in all the societies of which he was a member, and held many positions of honor in them. He contributed many and varied papers to the medical journals of the country, and published addresses, discourses and scientific reports. For many years Dr. Evans was a vaccine physician of Baltimore, and was commissioned by Governor Bradford as surgeon of the Baltimore City Guards with the rank of major. He married Miss Maggie J. Myers, of Frederick city, October 16, 1861. She and one daughter survive him.

4B 1891
Thomas Layton Evans (age 9 months), probably January (sometime after 1861), son of Dr. Thomas B. and Maggie Myers Evans.

Died. On the morning of the 12th instant, THOMAS LAYTON, aged 9 months, son of Dr. Thomas B. and Maggie Myers Evans. The relatives and friend of the family are invited to attend the funeral on this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock.

4B 1860's
Mary Belle LeCompte (age 6), 1866

On Saturday, June 30th, of Remittent fever, Mary Belle, second daughter of Francis A. and Eviline B. LeCompte, aged 6 years and 2 months. Baltimore Sun please copy.
<handwritten annotation reads:>

4B 1866
Miss Irene W. Beacham (age 15), abt. 1870

BEACHAM. - On the morning of the 14th of November, IRENE W., in the 15th year of her age, second daughter of Rosalba and the late Jas. Beacham. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funderal on tomorrow, Thursday.) at twelve o'clock M., from the residence of her grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Foxwell, No. 73 Jackson Square avenue.

4B 1870
Eliza L. Foxwell (Mrs. Charles L., Sr.), (abt. 1813-1887)

Mrs. Eliza L. Foxwell, widow of the late Capt. Charles L. Foxwell, died Saturday at the residence of her granddaughter, Mrs. Wm. H. Oliver, Charles street extended, in the seventy-fourth year of her age. She was one of the oldest members of Broadway M. E. Church, and taught in the Sunday-school up to her last illness, which was of about one year's duration.

FOXWELL. - On the morning of January 29, 1887, ELIZA L., in the 74th year of her age, widow of Captain Charles L. Foxwell. Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of her granddaughter, Mrs. William H. Oliver, Charles street avenue, fifth house above the tollgate, this (Monday) afternoon at two o'clock.

FOXWELL. - The remains of Mrs. ELIZA L. FOXWELL, who died January 29, 1887, will be interred from the Mausoleum at Loudon Park Cemetery this (Thursday) afternoon, at four o'clock. Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to be present.

<handwritten annotation reads:>
"Feb 24th"
<which was indeed a Thursday following January 29, 1887.>

4B 1887
Mary Jane Foxwell Wrightson (Mrs. John W.), (abt. 1829-1894)
<Obit not scanned>

Died in Baltimore, Maryland, March 2, 1894, MARY JANE WRIGHTSON, aged 65. The subject of this brief tribute was a native of St. Mary's county, and after the death of her husband, John W. Wrightson, which occurred several years ago, she moved to Baltimore and was living there at the time of her death. She was a true Christian woman, and her many friends could read the fulfillment of Heaven's perfect will in all the embroidered pattern of her consummated life. Contrary to the general rule, she, for many years, enjoyed that guerdon of love and affection which are too frequently reserved for departed worth. To her bereaved family and many sorrowing friends I will say that there is no such word in the Christian's vocabulary as Despair. Mrs. Wrightson always indulged the bright and cheering hope for the resurrection fo the dead; and she was wont to utter: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again, unto a living hope, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." Strew wreaths of choice flowers upon her grave, encircle it with them so that those who may visit the old Friendship churchyard may view the sacred spot, the last resting place of her who by the work of faith, the labor of love and the patience of hope has reached the final goal of triumph - a home in heaven. AZZANA

<Written in pencil below the text in the clipping is >
VA Wrightson
B _ _ dge - MD
<VA Wrightson is presumably Vaughn A. Wrightson, the son of MaryJane (Foxwell) Wrightson.
Is that Union Bridge, MD?

Anna LeCompte Fountain (Mrs. Charles E.), (1868-1946)
<Obit Not Scanned>

Text of Obit of Mrs. C. E. Fountain From clipping, presumably from Cambridge Record, in Hugh LeCompte Family Bible - hand-dated Jan 28, 1946
[Some Corrections in Brackets, transcribed purposely with original misspellings and grammar]

MRS. C. E. FOUNTAIN Mrs. Anna LeCompte Fountain, wife of Mr. Charles E. Fountain, died at the Cambridge-Maryland Hospital early Monday morning.

Mrs. Fountain had been in infirm health for several years. She entered the hospital several years ago where her condition had gradually grown weaker until the end, which came peacefully at 12:30 o'clock Monday morning.

She was born at Salem, this county, on May 18, 1868, and was the daughter of the late Fracis [Francis] A. and Evelene Foxwell LeCompte, who was a direct descendant of Antoine LeCompte, a French Hougenot who settled in Dorchester county after 1655. During the religious persecutions in France, he sought refuge in England where he won military distinction and royal titles in recognition of which he was granted a patent of 700 acres of land on the Choptank river, which was titled St. Antonia. The present site is now know as Castle Haven, on LeCompte's Bay.

In 1889 she married Mr. Charles E. Fouontain [Fountain], a prominent farmer, of Linkwood District, and resided on the Fountain homestead, which was purchased by Mr. Fountain following the death of his parents. Here they engaged in farming and were very successful. In 1906 they came to Cambridge and had resided at 115 Choptank avenue until her death.

Mrs. Fountain was a very fine woman, who possessed a wealth of charm and personality that had been an inspiration to all who knew her. Although of infirm health and a partial invalid, for a number of years, she retained a cheerfulness and graciousness that had been characteristic of her entire life. It can be truthfully said that a faihful and considerate wife and mother and a loyal and understanding neighbor and friend has gone to her heavenly reward.

She is survived by her husband: Mr. Charles E. Fountain, of Cambridge; one son; C. Frank Fountain of Los Angeles, California; two brothers, E. Lee LeCompte, of Cambridge; Edgar W. LeCompte, of Baltimore; one grandson, Francis Fountain, of Los Angeles; one niece, Mrs. Howard LeCompte, of Hebron, MD.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from LeCompte's Funeral Home, with interment in Dorchester Memorial Park.

Mrs. E. Lee LeCompte (1877-1944)
<Obit Not Scanned>

Text of Obit of Mrs. E. Lee LeCompte from clipping, presumably from Cambridge Record, in Hugh LeCompte Family Bible

Mrs. E. Lee LeCompte Had Been Ill for Several Months

The entire community was shocked to learn of the death of Mrs. Delia Sherman LeCompte, wife of the State Game Warden E. Lee LeCompte, which occurred at her home on William Street Saturday afternoon at forty-five minutes past 5 o'clock.

Mrs. LeCompte had not been favored with good health for some time. Recently she had undergone an operation at the Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore, and hope was held for her complete recovery. She had been critically ill and her death expected for several days.

She was born at the White House farm new Bucktown and was the daughter of the late James N. and Agusta Hurley Sherman, who were one of the oldest and best known families of Dorchester County and the state. Her father was an extensive farm, timber and marsh owner and had also been associated with various business enterprises throughout the county. The family later moved to Cambridge and resided on Mill Street for a long number of years.

On December 27, 1897, she was married to E. Lee LeCompte of this city at Grace Methodist Church by the Reverend Charles W. Cain, pastor of the church at the time. Mr. LeCompte is internationally known as a conservationist being one of the foremost leaders in the country in this particular field. On June 1, 1916, he was appointed state game warden, which office he has filled with honor to himself and a credit to the state for the past 28 years. He is president of the International Association of Game Commissions, ex-president of the American Fishery Society, and president of the American Game Association. Mr. LeCompte is also widely known in the mercantile line in Cambridge, having owned and operated a shoe store on Race Street for a number of years.

Mrs. LeCompte was a very cultured and charming woman and was a keen student of current events, who kept abreast of the times by reading much of the best current literature. Mr. and Mrs. LeCompte had lived quietly and peacefully, devoted to each other, and to their home and friends.

Mrs. LeCompte was an especially beautiful woman, and her vivacious disposition and good humor readily won friends for her. She had a host of them that mourn her passing.

She had been a member of the Grace Methodist Church of this city for a long number of years and had been a member of the various organizations of the church. Prior to this she was a member of the Bucktown Methodist Church during her earlier life. She was also a member of the Eastern Shore Society of Maryland.

Mrs. LeCompte is survived by her husband, Mr. E. Lee LeCompte of Cambridge; four sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Leroy Templetman of Baltimore, Mrs. Charles Prouse of Baltimore, Mrs. Herbert A. Graham of Brooklyn, N. Y., Mrs. F. J. Doze of Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. Charles B. Sherman of Baltimore, and Mr. Howard M. Sherman of Cambridge.

She is also survived by several nieces and nephews. Miss Lucille Phillips, daughter of the late Henry H. and Anna Sherman Phillips, has made her home with Mr. and Mrs. LeCompte since the death of her parents.

Funeral services will be conducted from the LeCompte Funeral Home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. J. W. Wooten officiating. Interment will be in the family plot in the Christ Church Cemetery.

Edwin Lee LeCompte (1874-1947)
<Obit Not Scanned>

Text of Obit of Mr. E. Lee LeCompte from clipping, presumably from Cambridge Record, in Hugh LeCompte Family Bible

'Shoremen, who held post for 29 years, was recognized authority

E. Lee LeCompte, the State's first game warden, who held the post from 1916 until his retirement in 1945, died yesterday morning at the Maryland General Hospital.

He was 72 years old.

Mr. LeCompte was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after being stricken with coronary thrombosis.

Was Asked to Remain
Appointed Game Warden by the late Governor Emerson C. Harrington shortly after the post was created by an act of the General Assembly, Mr. LeCompte saw his department grow from a staff consisting of himself and a lone stenographer with a $500 budget until it developed into the State Game and Inland Fish Commission with an annual budget of more than $250,000.

When Mr. LeCompte retired, it was despite requests from Herbert R. O'Conor, then Governor, other State authorities, conservationists and sportsmen that he remain in office.

Ardent Conservationist
Always an advocate of game laws with teeth in them, Mr. LeCompte largely was responsible for the system of game and bird sanctuaries throughout the State. An ardent conservationist, he sponsored much legislation protecting streams and the State's game and bird life. He always urged hunting in moderation.

A lover of outdoor life until his advancing years curtailed his activities, Mr. LeCompte gave a clue to his own method of obtaining enjoyment in the 1931 summer issue of Maryland Conservationist.

After describing Maryland as "God's Country" and his native Eastern Shore as "The Garden of Eden," Mr. LeCompte wrote: "Miles of rolling stubble fields with the dogs going wide; a little spring and streams under willows; a fire at noon; a hot lunch; dogs dozing nearby, all furnish a comradeship of boundless enjoyment.

Advised Hiker's Trail
"To those who do not care for fishing or hunting, I would advise a hiker's trail; aimlessly wander along without definite purpose of direction to take in any section of our State."

Mr. LeCompte once recalled that as a 12-year old boy he went duck hunting, fell in the water and, although dripping wet, continued his sport all day. Therefore, he said, he was immersed in hunting and fishing ever since.

His work in Maryland brought him many honors, national and State. In 1927 he was given a certificate of life membership in the Sportsmen of America and awarded its medal of honor. The presentation was made at a dinner at Rockville, Md., attended by 400 sportsmen from Maryland and other states.

Received Silver Wreath
The guest of honor at a testimonial dinner in honor of his twenty-fifth anniversary as a State game warden, Mr. LeCompte received in July, 1941, a silver wreath of oak leaves, the highest honor conferred by the International American Academy of Sciences. The dinner was given by Maryland State Game and Fish Protective Association. Governor O'Conor, the late Gov. Phillips Lee Goldsborough and other State officials attended.

Former Senator Frederic C. Walcott, of Connecticut, long a national figure in conservation, was the principal speaker and lauded Mr. LeCompte's work. Referring to the State unit directed by Mr. LeCompte, Mr. Wolcott said: "He took the department, which was little better than a corpse, and breathed new life into it, and a great department has evolved."

One of 14 Children
One of fourteen children of the late Francis A. and Mrs. Evelyn B. Foxwell LeCompte, Mr. LeCompte was born at Salem, Dorchester county, on October 18, 1874. His father operated a crossroads store.

After Mr. LeCompte finished his county grade school, he came to Baltimore in 1890 and was employed in the minor positions by a men's furnishing store and a laundry. Later he represented several Baltimore shoe concerns as a traveling salesman. This led to his opening his own shoe shop in Cambridge, Md.

On December 17, 1898, he married Miss Delia A. Sherman, of Dorchester county. She died in July, 1944, at their home in Cambridge, Md.

First Game Warden
While Mr. LeCompte was selling shoes he was elected president of the Dorchester County Fish and Game Protective Association and his efforts in that position led to his appointment as Maryland's first game warden.

He was named president of the International Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners in 1925, and five years later was selected to head the American Fisheries Society. He was made chairman of the American Game Association in 1934. He was a member of the advisory council of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and served for many years as vice chairman of the United States Wildlife Committee on legislation.

He was awarded the custody for the first year of the Mrs. John J. Raskob Perpetual Trophy, awarded annually to the person accomplishing the most outstanding work in the State in conservation. He also was the recipient of a gold watch from the Woodmont Rod and Gun Club and a silver plaque from deputy game wardens who served under him.

Emphasized Education
Mr. LeCompte always emphasized the value of education in conservation. In 1927 he established an educational program in county schools, speaking twice daily on the necessity of wildlife preservation. More than 100,000 pupils annually heard those lectures.

In 1931 Mr. LeCompte introduced a new game bird to Maryland when he bought 25 Melanistic Mutants, 20 hens and 5 cocks of a fast flying type of pheasant.

Mr. LeCompte was a director of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Cambridge, a member of the Masons, Shriners, Rotary Club and Eastern Shore Society. He was a Methodist.

There are no near relatives among his survivors.

Note Image Style
<An undated note written on ruled-paper in Hugh LeCompte Family Bible reads as follows:>

Edwin L. LeCompte's funeral was preached by the Rev. W. Baker from part of the ? verse of the XIV chapter of Revelation. The ? was For they are without fault before the throne.

Charles W. Breerwood funeral was preached by the Rev Daniel Ewell. He requested in life that the ? should be the 8 verse, 6 chapter of Micha. He hath shared the O man, what is good, and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and love mercy and walk humbly with thy God. Hymns.

Asleep in Jesus.

<Presumably the first refers to Edwin Lee LeCompte who died in 1947; however, it is surrounded by clippings that were dated in the late 1800s. The second reference is unknown - though it might refer to a Charles W. Breerwood who died in 1931. Both need further research to identify. The handwriting is similar to style #7, leading me to believe the penmanship is that of Eveleene Foxwell, which means that it would have to be an earlier Edwin L. LeCompte and Charles W. Breerwood, since Eveleene died in 1919.>
4F 7